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the circumstance in the forest

The young man of flank says:"Four names catch to distribute in four different nations, of our insularity catch is at present this wears black frame glasses of young man, he calls long valley Chuan Gao Si, moreover threes catch difference in rice country, eagle country and China."
    Big river remaining is good to curiously ask a way:"Why only we these are four nations just well-known to catch?They respectively is who?"
    Flank young man is just preparing to answer this question, discover 2 people talking voice big some, be been even by the big river sun hear, hence the big river sun is even to turn a head reprimanded angrily to them, 2 people this just shut up, don't dare to absent without leave again.
    Long valley Chuan Gao Si the check finish a big corpse of river good son and say:"The corpse examination has been already ended, I have to appear at court and discover that the field carries on fishing for in detail."
    The big river sun is even to say:"Remaining is good, you take long Mr. Chuan in the valley fishes for the spot, he has what request that you have to satisfy him, error I take you to try to ask."
    Big river remaining is good to hurriedly say:"The grandpa pleases trust, I definitely with all strength match with long Mr. Chuan in the valley."
    Hence big river remaining is good the Chuan and his assistant taking a long valley get into forest in manor, while the big river sun is even because cut up rough too much but the spirit is poor, then return to a manor rest to go.
    Long valley Chuan Gao Si after getting into the forest discover forest the inside is a bit dusk, hence his assistant turns on the light of a specially made right away and starts making use of this kind of light to look into the circumstance in the forest.Shine in glory in this mysterious light under, a lot of peacetimes aren't made a show of by the detail beginning for noticing.Long valley Chuan Gao Si starts observing the detail in the forest, he sees extremely and cautiously, serve another term suspicious locations of don't pass, wholesale Plantation shutters until they are from the forest of another part drill out.
    Long valley Chuan Gao Si turns head to took a look a behind of forest, start shutting eyes to deliberate.Suddenly, he opens eyes and says:"That murderer is a male, the height 178 cms, the weight 80 kgs, he chases a good sub- young lady into forest from here, but he didn't rush on the ground, but jumped up between the big tree, so can't see his footprint on the ground here."
    Gao Si whom big river remaining is good to follow long valley Chuan again gets into forest, along the Yan flies advanced step headway.Long valley Chuan Gao Si Be going forward and pointing at the above big tree to explain in detail the Yan flies of headway method.If the Yan flies here and hears in detail explaining in detail of long valley Chuan Gao department, affirmation will be surprised gape, because the explaining in detail of this long valley Chuan high department has no the slightest false, he is to get into forest according to that method.
    Long valley Chuan Gao Si Dai public arrive at a place, have here flame combustion behind leave of trace, he says:"That murderer should is shot by the sniper's bullet here, also is harmed, because having in air is a little amount of the bloody flavor remain, this kind of bloody flavor flavor isn't great river house be killed people medium whichever, so the murderer definitely left here his blood.But very obviously this flaw was discovered by the murderer, so he made use of gasoline to burn the spot and burned the blood here almost exhausted.But he since choose to use the way that the gasoline burns, that explains his time is urgent, can not handle all of the clueses here to drop in the in a short time, so here affirm to still have other clueses leave, you are in this neighborhood seek for a while."
    Long valley Chuan Gao department of the assistants start just looking for on all sides, big river remaining is good also help look for.Leading is a burst of, suddenly spread an acclaim, discovered a small hole on assistant's beside a burnt big tree that grows the valley Chuan Gao department, the small hole inside still had an eyelet, in peep out a transforming of bullet warhead.
    Long valley Chuan Gao Si Zou comes forward to go and makes use of tool to dig out the warhead for transforming and indeed as expected discovered the blood stain of one small silk dried up in the warhead top, he this bullet warhead caution of pack into a certificate thing bag, keep well.Although was burned by the wildfire here, dropped the blood evaporation on the warhead,perhaps can still be discovering the suspect's DNA in this silk blood stain. wooden shutters blinds

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